COVID-19 Disclaimer

Private Health Management is providing this COVID-19 report based on the information available and the judgment of experts as of the date of the report. Knowledge about this unprecedented outbreak is evolving rapidly and chaotically and many things once believed to be true have been shown by subsequent developments to be erroneous. While the content herein is based on our current understanding and the current guidance of experts, Private Health expects that there will be rapid, unpredictable and ongoing changes in the course of this epidemic and the measures that are being used or advocated to address it. Accordingly, we encourage everyone to (i) consult many other sources of information (ii) make decisions based on all of the information they can obtain and (iii) be prepared to make rapid changes in their plans. Private Health Management does not accept any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any decisions or actions based in part or whole on this or other information or guidance we provide.

In addition, this report and all other information and guidance provided by Private Health Management are not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This report and all other information and guidance are not intended to substitute for individualized medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a physician who is aware of an individual’s medical history and has had an opportunity to conduct an examination. Do not rely on this report in place of seeking professional medical advice.